Disaster Management and Mitigation

Elaj Trust has worked intensively in the field of disaster management. We were the first on the scene during the Chitral Earthquake in 2015 and worked within the community and our donors to provide relief to the victims and assist in the rebuilding process. We were also present during the Chitral Floods 2015 and provided necessities to the victims. WE have a deep rooted relationship with the community and are still working closely to ensure sustainable impact. Additionally we worked with the community and the government to provide assistance during the heat wave of 2015 by setting up multiple camps throughout Karachi to provide water and increase awareness. We also worked with Jinnah Post-Graduate Medical Center to relieve burden of heatwave victims via the provision of ACs and arranging private contractors to help the janitorial workforce. Additionally we worked at Civil Hospital Karachi to provide janitorial services via private contractors and provided ACs for the surgical and medical HDUs.

Elaj is commited towards helping people in need and our work transcends borders, which is why Elaj was present to help manage the Nepal Earthquake in 2015. The trust set up medical camps and catered to civilians suffering injuries and disease due to the earthquake.