Health Awareness

Elaj Trust is dedicated towards increasing health awareness within the country. We believe that by increasing awareness with regards to the health challenges faced by the country, we are providing people with essential skills needed to prevent and mitigate these problems. Elaj Trust has worked extensively with awareness projects.

During the heatwave of 2015, the trust not only held camps to provide water on the street but also started an awareness campaign to prevent further heat stroke cases. Additionally during 2016, Elaj Trust doubled these awareness efforts to encourage prevention in case of another calamity. The trust partnered with Geo News and Jang Group to circulate information with regards to not only heat stroke prevention but also what to do if someone around you is suffering from it.  The Trust distributed flyers, conducted awareness sessions in schools and churches as well as put up billboards.

Moreover Elaj Trust recently also circulated chikunguniya information and flyers after potential cases were detected in malir, Karachi. The aim of this was to keep the public up to date and help counteract misconceptions about the disease. Elaj Trust believes in providing information efficiently and quickly to allow for maximum utilization and impact of its awareness campaigns.

Lastly Elaj Trust also provides assistance to other organizations for their respective healthcare awareness campaigns as our aim is to educate the public whatever the channel may be. If you are one such organization or individual please do not hesitate to contact us at